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Rio Tinto: Jadarite processing will be an example of world best practice

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The processing of jadarite ore will take place in a modern plant, with innovative and sustainable process technology, which is environmentally friendly and significantly more advanced than previously used, said today the director of Rio Sava Exploration Vesna Prodanović.

At the fourth meeting of the daughter company of Rio Tinto, Rio Sava, with the representatives of the non-governmental sector and the general public, she said that such a method of processing Jadarite will be the result of many years of work of that company.

“It is planned that the ‘Jadar’ project will be an example of the best ore processing technology that meets three, for us the most important principles: to be technologically sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically viable”, said Prodanović

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After the meetings held in April, June and July with more than 200 participants, representatives of Rio Sava, at the fourth meeting, together with experts from scientific institutions involved in the project, presented in detail the technology of ore processing within Rio Tinto, technology processing of jadarite on the project ‘Jadar’, but also a chain of additional values ​​of the project in terms of the final product and benefits for Serbia.

The open meeting was attended, as it is stated, by more than 70 participants of the general public, and they had the opportunity to get answers to all questions related to the project in a direct conversation with the representatives of Rio Sava.

“The ‘Jadar’ project, as one of the leading greenfield investments in Serbia, is attracting a lot of attention from the public, non-governmental organizations and especially the local population. A series of open meetings is an important segment of open dialogue and cooperation based on accurate, relevant and transparent information”, the statement said.

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