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Serbia to become Europe’s second-largest copper and gold producer

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The General Director of Serbia Ziđin Koper, Qu Guoju, congratulated the Day of Serbian Miners to all employees of that company and the entire mining industry, and emphasized that they continue to build a modern, green and sustainable mining company, whose goal is to make Serbia the second country in Europe in production of copper and gold. “On the occasion of the magnificent holiday, the Serbian Miner’s Day, I send my most sincere congratulations to the employees of Serbia Ziđin Koper, Serbia Ziđin Mining, the citizens of Bor and Majdanpek, as well as others who are employed in the mining industry,” said Qu Guoju and emphasized that the economic activities of two Ziđin subsidiaries in Serbia today they contribute about 2.5 percent to the Serbian GDP.

Qu Guoju also pointed out that he deeply respects the difficult and high-risk work of miners, and that he appreciates the work and effort of those employed. General Director Ziđin Koper expressed his gratitude and admiration to the miners and all other employees of the company for their dedication in performing one of the most demanding jobs and perseverance to increase production month after month.

“Thanks to miners, metallurgists, floaters and other professions, the company is progressing every day, and with it the entire Serbian economy.” That’s why I’m proud of all employees. I would like to express my special thanks to the miners of the ‘Veliki Krivelj’ surface mine and the rescue team of the ‘Jama’ mine for the exceptional courage, sacrifice and mining solidarity they showed in emergency situations and actions to save people and property from fires and floods”, said the general director. The future of mining, as he stated in investments, is the opening of new mines and thus new jobs, increased productivity, greater social security and better working conditions.

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“The Chinese corporation has so far employed around 8,000 people in Serbia, i.e. in Bor and Majdanpek, and if we add to that the workers hired by local suppliers who provide services and provide various materials to the companies Serbia Ziđin Koper and Ziđin Mining, according to Ziđin Group projects in Serbia potentially more than 10,000 jobs could be created”, he stated.

According to him, and as stated in the company’s announcement, the economic activities of Ziđin’s two subsidiaries in Serbia today contribute about 2.5 percent to Serbian GDP. “All our successes and achievements would not be possible without the great support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia”, he said and expressed his belief that in the future with the help of the Government of Serbia and all levels of society, employees and citizens, they will be able to achieve the plans that, in the end, Serbia needs to lead to second place in Europe in terms of copper and gold production.

The company reminds that in five years, the Ziđin Group has invested 2.95 billion dollars in Serbia, which, they say, is far more than the contracted amount of investment committed to by the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Government. “In the name of taxes and fees, 586 million dollars were paid to the state, while 930 million dollars were set aside for social contributions.

Ziđin Mining Group proved its social responsibility through investments and donations worth 7.88 million dollars. With investments in infrastructure, health care, education, culture and sports, it significantly contributed to the reduction of poverty in the local community”, the company stated, adding that they invested 288 million dollars in improving the environment, that they greened 3.93 million square meters and planted half a million seedlings.


Source: Serbia Business

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