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Vietnam and Netherlands join forces for sustainable environmental management

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On March 18, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Quoc Khanh held a productive meeting with Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Mark Harbers. Minister Harbers expressed the Netherlands’ readiness to support Vietnam in offshore sand mining, groundwater management, and mineral exploitation.

Commending Vietnam’s proactive efforts in environmental protection, particularly in adopting nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation, Minister Harbers discussed potential cooperation programs. These included sustainable offshore sand mining, groundwater management in the vulnerable Mekong Delta, and mineral exploitation. He emphasized the Netherlands’ expertise in these areas and its willingness to share policies, experiences, techniques, and financial solutions with Vietnam.

Minister Khanh echoed the importance of addressing the issues raised, highlighting the need for prompt guidance on offshore sand mining projects. He also stressed the significance of sustainable groundwater management in the Mekong Delta, given its susceptibility to climate change. Seeking assistance and experiences from the Netherlands, Vietnam aims to devise water storage solutions to address both water excess and scarcity, ensuring balanced water resources and promoting sustainable development in the Delta.

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Regarding activities at the International Panel on Deltas, Coastal Areas, and Islands, Minister Khanh viewed it as a valuable platform for knowledge sharing on climate change adaptation. Departments under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will collaborate with the Netherlands to enhance national capacity in utilizing water resources amidst climate change and providing livelihood support to Delta residents.

Additionally, the ministers discussed plans for a program commemorating the 15th anniversary of the framework on climate change adaptation and water resources management between the two countries. They viewed this as an opportunity for regional and global stakeholders to learn about their joint efforts in meeting international commitments on climate change response.

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