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Uzbek-French JV conducts feasibility study on uranium production

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Nurlikum Mining LLC, an Uzbek-French joint venture, has launched an industrial pilot and a feasibility study with the objective to confirm the economic and environmental feasibility of uranium mining in its license area, a source at the Orano Group told Trend.

“We have been present in Uzbekistan since 2019, when the group signed a partnership agreement with the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Geology and Mineral Resources (GosComGeology), to develop exploration and mining operations in Uzbekistan. This partnership was materialized in December 2019 with the creation of a joint venture called Nurlikum Mining which mission is to bring uranium deposits to production through exploration and project development,” the source said.

According to the company, in November 2022, Orano Group, the State Committee for Geology and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan (GosComGeology) and the Uzbek State-owned Enterprise Navoiyuran signed a tripartite strategic cooperation agreement.

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“This has laid the foundation of an exclusive strategic alliance for the development of new uranium mines in Uzbekistan, beyond the Djengeldi project currently led by Nurlikum Mining. This is a significant broadening of the scope of the collaboration, reflecting the trust established between Orano and its partners in Uzbekistan,” the source added.


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