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Ukrainian graphite to supply the U.S. Department of Defense

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An Australian company is exploring the possibility of supplying Ukrainian graphite to the U.S. Department of Defense, news agency Nadra.Info reported on Oct. 13.

Volt Resources Limited, which holds a 70% stake in the Ukrainian group Zavalivskiy Graphite, has signed a letter of intent with M2i Global, Inc. (United States) on graphite supplies, Nadra.Info said, citing an announcement from Volt Resources Limited.

M2i Global, Inc. specializes in developing and implementing a complete global supply chain for essential minerals for the U.S. government and its partners. M2i Global aims to secure a contract to supply the U.S. Department of Defense with up to 20,000 tons of graphite annually.

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This supply will come from a subsidiary company of Volt Resources Limited, Volt Zavalievsky Graphite in Ukraine.

If feasible, Volt intends to continue long-term graphite supplies to M2i clients from the second phase of the Bunyu Tanzania project.

“As a result of the opportunity to supply natural flake graphite produced in Europe, and in the future from our graphite project in Tanzania, in conjunction with advancing technology for the production of anode materials for batteries in the United States, Volt offers growing prospects for the future through a complete supply chain that may be accessible to only a few graphite companies,” said Asimwe Kabunga, Volt’s executive chairman.

“Securing the raw material supply chain for battery cells is a priority for U.S. national security, especially in the case of graphite, where foreign supplies account for over 75% of the market. This agreement aligns with our plan to expand our client base and develop the Zavalivskiy Graphite business. We’re excited to work with M2i and look forward to a strong collaboration,” added Prashant Chintawar, Managing Director and CEO of Volt.

“This agreement with Volt will support the work we are doing in support of national defense stockpile policy, as well as with the Defense Logistics Agency,” said Lieutenant General (ret.) Jeffrey W. Talley, President and CEO of M2i.

“The U.S. Department of Defense, through its Production Capacity Expansion and Investment Priorities Department, seeks to ensure a reliable and stable supply of graphite materials in the United States for use in battery production.”

“The Department of Defense aims to build a resilient industrial base to meet current and future national defense requirements,” he added.

In August 2022, the Australian company Volt Resources announced the resumption of graphite production in Ukraine following the start of full-scale aggression by the Russian Federation.

In May 2023, Zavalivskiy Graphite announced the resumption of production after a seasonal halt. Over the first month, more than 700 tons of graphite concentrate were produced, with the daily production averaging 54 tons, and the majority of the concentrate reaching a purity level of 88-96%.


Source: yahoo news

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