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UK Mineco’s lead zinc mine in Serbia confirms new ore deposits

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“Rudnik” opens new caves

Research has shown that in Gornji Milanovac, with new coal reserves, they have a future. New 400,000 tons are expected. Millions of euros were invested in the machines.

In the enterprise “Rudnik” and flotation “Rudnik” on the same mountain, the Sumadija roof, the life of exploitation has been extended for at least six years thanks to newly discovered reserves of 400,000 tons of ore! Last year, the thirteenth of the companies that were privatized, marked three of his records.

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– Last year we were record-breaking in the amount of nearly 300,000 tons of ore mined. The previous record was achieved in 2015, when 287,000 tons were excavated. Another important success is investigative preparatory work, which depends on the opening of new ore levels. In April, we bought a new machine set that found a new ore, and we invested one and a half euros in this research – explains Aco Ilić, general manager of the mine.

The new 400,000 tons of ore is twice as much as the previous known reserves.

– The exploitation of newly discovered ore will start in January next year. We have a full year to reach this rich site, about 80 meters lower than all our previous works. We will lean, but we will dig up that ore, which has exceeded the investment over several times – continues Ilić.

Privatization of this company in 2004 was sold to the Belgrade company Kontango which was graded by all competent state authorities as one of the top ten, the most successful in Serbia. Until then, “Rudnik” was threatened by bankrupcy.

– At that time, 295 employees were employed, now their company has 452 employees. Lane employs 30 new workers. We have received seven workers in the new drilling unit, and if we buy another machine setup this year, we will receive another nine workers.

Ilić says that due to better conditions, the number of injuries is significantly reduced. Last year for “Rudnik” was record-breaking and with regard to recognition: the first prize of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for Corporate Social Responsibility in a group of medium-sized enterprises, the main international award of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, awarded to Malta, and the recognition of the PKS to the director Aca Ilić.

Mine rent

– In the past year, the mine rent for the state amounted to about 80 million dinars, and the municipality of Gornji Milanovac returned 32 million. These funds are spent exclusively for infrastructure facilities in the local community. So far, they have been invested in the water supply system at Rudnik, the construction of roads – says Ilić.

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