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Serbian Institute for Critical Raw Materials in the service of the development of domestic intelligence and economy

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The Institute for Critical Raw Materials was formed in Belgrade by domestic mining companies and experts, with the aim of applying new technologies in raw material base applications for domestic industry.

The Institute for Critical Materials is part of a global and European initiative for the protection of local raw material bases of critical materials that are used in industrial production processes, from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to new technologies such as batteries, electrical devices and equipment for plants based on renewable energy sources.

The Institute has a balanced approach between the highest ecological principles and the requirements of new technologies, with the goal of sustainable economic development of the country, using domestic raw materials in the process of industrialization of the country with new technologies. An innovative high-tech process that will create new values ​​and new sustainable jobs, products of new technologies, the export of which will affect the national GDP.

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The Institute aims to research and develop new applications for key rare materials, together with domestic eminent experts who are focused on components of key materials for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries based on calcium carbonate.

The Institute for Critical Materials is a center of synergy between the economy, scientific research circles and domestic intelligence. A one-of-a-kind innovative expert scientific economic innovation center and technological hub that will contribute to the state’s strategy to retain young scientific and professional talents in the country and provide them with the necessary platform to connect with European colleagues in the process of applying new technologies.

The Serbian Institute for Critical Materials is the first domestic center for research, exchange of knowledge and information about raw materials and consideration of strategies for their use. The Materials Institute will be host of series of expert panels designed for education, collaboration and will service solutions to challenges when it comes to raw materials and decarbonized economy.

The Institute will be a collaborative venture of experts whose main focus will be on research and sustainable management of raw materials, including minerals, metals, energy and other natural resources.

The goal of the institute is to contribute to the development of new technologies, practices and policies that will promote the efficient use of raw materials, regulate their consumption and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The Raw Materials Institute will focus on:

New mining technologies that would reduce the environmental impact of the critical materials industry, and at the same time strengthening the Serbian industry,

Development of capacity in extraction and processing, as of key importance for the self-sustainable economic development of Serbia,

The construction of domestic processing capacities in order to ensure added value for agriculture in Serbia, instead of abroad

Merger of key actors: mining companies, chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies and environmental protection companies.

The opening of the institute represents a significant move towards sustainable and efficient use of critical materials in Serbia.

Active promotion among domestic professional scientific and business circles will take place in cooperation with the institutional partner PKS, in parallel with ongoing international activities, which at the same time represent an innovative approach in the promotion of Serbia and its potential.

Through its website, the Institute for Critical Materials will promptly inform all interested members of the public about networking events as well as the presentation of the first domestic white paper of proposals for the management of national critical raw materials.


Source: Raw Materials Institute Serbia


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