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Russia’s Nornickel to present social, economic projects at Arctic forum

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Russia’s nickel and palladium mining and smelting company Norilsk Nickel will present several social and economic projects at the IV international Arctic – Territory of Dialogue Forum, due in Arkhangelsk on March 29-30, the company’s Vice President Elena Bezdenezhnykh told a roundtable in TASS on Monday.

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“Right now a priority is development of the mining-ore base, as well as the large-scale modernization of the industrial complex in the Arctic area,” she said. “Besides, it is improvement of the ecology situation, we live now in the Year of Ecology, thus this would be a basic year to change radically the present ecology situation in the Arctic area.”
The company will present its projects in social and economic development of the regions, “including offering comfortable conditions for all the people living in the Far North, to support the country’s main cultural and sports projects, and the resettlement program for Norilsk residents,” she continued.
Investments in geology projects grow by 25% every year, she said, “because we realize that geologically the Arctic area is underdeveloped.”
Another project the company plans presenting at the forum is reconstruction of the Alykel airport in Norilsk.
“This is Russia’s northernmost airport, which requires reconstruction,” the company’s vice president said. “It is a unique project as we shall not close down the airport – the reconstruction will be done in stages.”
Norilsk Nickel will also present own experience in modernization of the company’s infrastructures, she added.

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The Arctic – Territory of Dialogue Forum is a key international platform for discussing problems and future of the Arctic area at the global level.
The forum is supported by the Russian government and its objective is to unite efforts of the international community for effective development of the Arctic and for higher living standards for the people living there.
The first forum took place in 2010 and was devoted to modern problems of the Arctic region.
The second forum in 2011 focused on formation of the Arctic transport systems, and the event in 2013 touched upon environmental safety.

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