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Rio Tinto CEO Story says, Jadarit Lithium is a chance of Western Serbia

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Richard Story, CEO of “Rio Tinto” in Serbia, spoke with Vidoje Petrovic, mayor of Loznica, presenting the results of previous research in the valley of the river Jadar and confirming that this multinational company is interested in the site where is former factory “Viscose”.

– We are still in the research stage and a lot of time is needed for such a large project, because before we open one mine we have to be sure that the project is sustainable in all respects. It needs to be socially acceptable, environmentally safe and economically viable. These are long-term projects and research activities therefore last long, but in this case they are progressing well – said Story.

He expressed the hope that after this phase follows a positive response and the opening of the mine but added that the company “Rio Tinto” has locations around the world where they operate to the highest standards.

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– It is difficult to specify when the mine will be open, but it is true that we are interested also in space “Viskoza” that would be good for the construction of processing plant. However, it is one of the locations that we are interested in and we have to gather all the information to make sure that the site meets our needs and future treatment plants of kryptonite – explained the director of the company.

Mayor Petrovic confirmed that representatives of the company have a good cooperation and that they support them in their intention, because economic conditions in Loznica will also depend a lot on this important project.

– Because it is a single ore that requires special processing method. So far, the company has invested more than $ 70 million in research, and we look forward to confirmation that the activities are continuing further as in investigations as well as in the sphere of preparation of the project team which includes the world’s best experts in the company.

Future of Loznica and this part of western Serbia depends on three key projects – the construction of highway Novi Sad-Ruma-Sabac-Loznica, railway Valjevo-Loznica, and continuation of activities until opening of kryptonite mine and processing plant. – Said Petrovic.

After the team of geologists of multinational company “Rio Tinto” found kryptonite in the valley of the river Jadar in 2004, unique boron mineral that contains lithium, the hope of residents of Loznica is conceived, considering that it is about the finding that was never happened anywhere in the world. If the project enters a phase of exploitation, this site would substantially satisfy world demand for lithium and boron. It is estimated that in this area lies about 120 million tons of ore of kryptonite.

Lithium and boron are essential in the IT, construction and agricultural industries and are used for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells, high-tech ceramic and fireproof glass.

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