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Prairie Mining receives political support for its Poland coal mining

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Prairie has also received interest from the Warsaw financial sector, following its listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
Prairie Mining is seeing significant support from the national and regional government for its Lublin coal project and future Jan Karski coal mine, following its launch at a press conference in 2Q16.

During the conference, Prairie presented its progress on project permitting, while regional politicians confirmed their support for the Jan Karski mine. The mine will be located in the Siedliszcze municipality in Chelm Shire.

Meanwhile, the Polish national government has announced a plan to support the industry development of the Lublin Coal Basin under the catchphrase, Coal 2.0.

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This includes the development of transport infrastructure, such as the Wilno-Lublin-Rzezsow railway and motorways connecting to international road routes, as well as clean coal utilisation projects in Lublin.

“The plan prioritises the need to establish a long-term energy policy to ensure Poland’s energy security and avoid power shortages and improve the economic and labour conditions in eastern Poland, while encompassing support for development of industries based on natural resources,” Prairie explained.

Prairie has also received interest from the Warsaw financial sector, following its listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange last year and after a number of press conferences and workshops with Polish fund managers and research analysts in 2Q16, the company said.

Discussions have now begun with strategic partners, EPC contractors, global project finance banks and potential customers to structure a development financing package for the Jan Karski mine. The definitive feasibility study is also to start shortly after project options have been examined and an “go forward” case has been selected.

source: worldcoal.com

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