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Polymetal Armenia Does About-Face on Mining Project

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In a somewhat convoluted explanation regarding its recent about-face to conduct exploratory geological tests in Armenia’s Lori and Tavoush provinces, Polymetal Armenia LLC, company Deputy Director Vahram Avagyan says the company will go ahead with its mine project but will cease taking steps to conduct an environmental impact assessment and to organize public hearings in the communities to be affected.

Apparently, Avagyan isn’t aware of the proper protocol to be followed when a company pursues a mining project.

Conducting an EIA and holding public hearings are the first steps to be taken in order to be granted permission to carry out geological testing,

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The company says it has pulled back from conducting an EIA and organizing public hearings because “it places a priority on a positive public perception of its activities.”

Polymetal Armenia says it reached this decision after meeting with local officials and civil society representatives from the Noyemberyan community in Tavoush Province. Local residents and officials are reported to have told the company that they were opposed to any geological surveys in their town.

The company also planned testing in Alaverdi and Shnogh (Lori Province) and Koghb (Tavoush Province).

Source: hetq.am

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