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The Vares project of the Adriatic Metals is entering the final phase in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The Vares project of the Adriatic Metals Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) company is one of the most significant development and economic projects in BiH. The company points out that significant progress has been made in construction over the past few months, and that the works are entering the final phase.

Continuous water recirculation

Work on the excavation of the lower and upper portals at the location of the Rupice mine in Vares has been finalized, and the first ore was mined in July 2023. The ore from the excavation preparation rooms is currently being deposited, while chamber excavation will begin in January. The construction of the ore processing plant is also progressing well, and so far about 50% of the pipelines and 70% of the flotation cells have been installed.

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In the Rupice mine and in the ore processing plant, water will be completely recycled and reused. “We hired five experts who perform continuous supervision of the water recirculation system from the mine, the first of its kind in BiH. The intention is to recycle 100% water at our locations within six months from the start of production and fully automate this process,” points out Paul Cronin, general manager of Adriatic Metals BiH.

Road and railway infrastructure

Work was also done at full speed on the cleaning and restoration of the railway line, with a special emphasis on the Dabravine section, north of the Municipality of Breza. “The focus was also on the design of the works for the railway station, on which we are cooperating intensively with the Zagreb ZGI Institute. And the Vares Majdan Station is getting its final outlines – a new roof has been installed, followed by final works on electrical installations and laying of floors,” notes Cronin.

In September, about 90% of the work on the preparation of the access road was completed, including the installation of a protective fence along certain parts of the road. The company also gave a donation worth almost 90.000 BAM for the reconstruction of the 2.7-kilometer section of the Kriz-Sastavci road, which will significantly facilitate the daily life of the citizens of the Municipality of Vares.

Adriatic Metals BiH also concluded important agreements for the handling of containers and bulk cargo in the Port of Ploce, which this company will use for exporting products. “We are also taking steps forward when it comes to the reconstruction of the warehouse in the Port of Ploce,” Cronin concluded, Biznis Info reports.


Source: Sarajevo Times

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