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Manganese X Urges Canadian Government to Elevate Manganese’s Priority on Critical Mineral List

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The government is currently seeking input through public consultation on updated criteria for critical minerals, with an emphasis on minerals deemed essential to Canada’s economic and national security. Manganese X responded to the request for consultation, essentially stating that although manganese is currently part of Canada’s 31 critical mineral list, the upcoming 2024 update provides an opportunity to prioritize manganese for focus and investment so that it becomes the seventh targeted critical mineral.

“The public consultation, closing on February 16, 2024, offers a chance to advocate for manganese, shedding light on its role and significance,” said Martin Kepman, CEO of Manganese X. “This is not just about remaining on the critical minerals list but also about manganese being prioritized for strategic investment. We already sent our response and also circulated it to other provincial and federal stakeholders, promoting the virtues of manganese, and its potential to improve the density, capacity, rechargeability, safety and longevity of EV batteries.”

For a mineral to be deemed critical for Canada, the proposed Government criteria specify the mineral meets one or more of the following:

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Essential to Canada’s economic or national security

Required for our national transition to a sustainable low-carbon and digital economy

A sustainable and strategic source of critical minerals for our international allies
and both of the following:

Its supply is threatened

It has a reasonable chance of being produced in Canada in the near to medium-term

Why Prioritize Manganese in Canada’s Critical Mineral List:

90% of all high-purity manganese for EV batteries is currently produced in China

There is currently no high-purity manganese production in North America

Over 57% of EV battery production in the USA currently uses high-purity manganese-based chemistries and this is increasing

Forecasts indicate a major supply shortage of manganese – not even enough high-purity manganese projects in pipeline to meet 2030 needs

Canada is committed to having 60% of cars sold as EVs by 2030, with substantial investments in EV battery parks

Manganese plays a crucial role in various EV battery chemistries ranging from NMC, Li MF as well as the new and upcoming battery sodium sulphate battery demonstrating effectiveness and versatility

Canada possesses two of the largest manganese carbonate deposits in North America

Canada seeks an ethical ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) supply partner, and manganese is readily available domestically


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