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Lomiko Reports Impressive Outcomes in La Loutre Graphite Half-Cell Coin Battery Testing with Polaris Battery Labs, Affirming Suitability as Battery Anode Material

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Lomiko Metals Inc. announced it has successfully completed half-cell coin battery testing of its La Loutre graphite material with Polaris Battery Labs, LLC. Polaris prepared La Loutre’s coated spherical purified graphite (cSPG) material from flotation concentrate samples and subjected it to half-cell coin testing to determine its basic material electrochemical performance metrics.

The total mass of cSPG provided was approximately 160g and originated from coated purified samples generated by the Corem Innovation Centre in Quebec, Canada. These samples were micronized and spheronized by ProGraphite in Germany. The samples are deemed representative of the La Loutre deposit. Polaris will continue the test program in 2024.

Belinda Labatte, CEO and Interim Chair of the Board stated:

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“Thus providing conditions for Lomiko to progress into Phase 2 project activities to produce and test single-layer pouch cells; these are full cells using our graphite anode material tested against an industry relevant cathode material. The Polaris studies are another step we are taking as a part of an approach to assessing the suitability of our graphite anode materials in a full-cell format. As the Company grows in its journey as a partner and developer of choice in Quebec, it will further review the applications for its graphite in North America and the energy transition.”

Lomiko is completing the entire ‘rock-to-battery’ testing cycle as part of its Pre-Feasibility Study (“PFS”). The half-cell battery testing is now complete with exceptional results, and it is continuing with the graphite anode pouch cell construction and testing in Phase 2 with Polaris.

Concurrent with these studies, Lomiko is also working on the “NRC Study” announced on July 27, 2023, which aims to advance pre-feasibility level battery trials with its La Loutre natural flake graphite concentrate.”


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