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Invitation to Enhance Visibility and Stakeholder Engagement in EU Horizon Projects

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Www.Euromining.news and www.Europium.Group is pleased to extend an open invitation to all partners involved in EU Horizon projects, particularly those focused on natural resources and mining, to join forces in amplifying the visibility and stakeholder outreach of project activities and results. This initiative aims to showcase the transformative impacts these projects are having across Europe and beyond, in line with the EU’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and technological advancement. Media outreach will be supported by experienced communication team of www.elevatepr.digital

Enhancing Project Visibility: A Call to Action

The European Commission recognizes the critical importance of visibility in ensuring the success and sustainability of Horizon projects. As such, we are actively seeking the collaboration of all project partners to engage in comprehensive dissemination and communication activities. This includes the sharing of success stories, breakthrough innovations, and significant research findings with a broader audience.

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Why Visibility Matters

Visibility plays a pivotal role in:

– Demonstrating the tangible impacts and value derived from EU-funded research and innovation.

– Building public trust and support for ongoing and future initiatives.

– Fostering collaboration across borders, disciplines, and sectors.

– Influencing policy decisions and regulatory frameworks on both a European and global scale.

– Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and promoting the commercialization of innovative solutions.

Stakeholder Outreach: Expanding Our Horizons

Effective stakeholder engagement is key to the project’s success, offering opportunities for feedback, collaboration, and the establishment of partnerships that extend well beyond the lifetime of the project. We aim to connect with industry leaders, policy-makers, academic institutions, and the public to ensure the broadest possible impact of our collective efforts.

Invitation to Participate

We invite all Horizon project partners to:

– Participate in and organize workshops, seminars, and conferences that highlight project achievements.

– Engage with media and leverage social media platforms to share project updates and insights.

– Contribute to the development of policy briefs and recommendations based on project findings.

– Foster dialogue with industry and community stakeholders to ensure the relevance and applicability of research outcomes.

Support and Resources

The Europium.Group is committed to supporting project partners in these efforts. A range of resources, including communication toolkits, guidelines for stakeholder engagement, and platforms for sharing project results, will be made available to all partners.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We stand at the threshold of an exciting opportunity to shape the future of natural resources and mining through the EU Horizon projects. Together, we can create a lasting legacy of innovation and sustainability that will benefit not only Europe but the world at large.

For more information on how to get involved and to access communication resources, please visit our website or contact our communications team at hello@euromining.news

The EU Horizon projects represent the forefront of European research and innovation, aimed at addressing the biggest challenges facing our society. Through collaboration, cutting-edge research, and innovative solutions, we strive to create a sustainable and prosperous future for all.



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