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Why we expect a capex surge in Europe

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Amidst declining trends across the mining sector in Europe, investors are starting to recognize potential opportunities. The STOXX Europe 600 mining index has faced a 15% drop this year, making it one of the poorest performing sectors in the region. However, recent economic stimulus steps taken by China are beginning to lay the groundwork for the sector’s recovery.

China’s measured steps in stimulating its economy are gradually paying off, with the mining index rebounding from 31-month lows in recent weeks. The diverse measures taken by China, including relaxed rules, interest rate cuts, and tax relief, have the potential to trigger a revival in the metals and mining sector.

Despite the recent setbacks, some industry experts believe that the sector’s resilience, driven by China’s enormous influence in the commodities world, will eventually reflect positively in mining stocks. The ongoing global energy transition, especially the move towards decarbonization, is expected to boost demand for base metals like copper, making them essential for renewable energy infrastructure, electric vehicles, and power grids.

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Eurobattery Minerals, as a European mining company, stands to gain from the strengthening stock market and increased investor interest in the sector. We are actively monitoring these market dynamics, capitalizing on opportunities, and upholding responsible mining practices within Europe.



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