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Group 6 Metals achieves historic milestones at Dolphin tungsten mine in Tasmania

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Group 6 Metals has achieved remarkable milestones at its Dolphin tungsten mine located near Grassy, on the southeastern coast of King Island, Tasmania. The operation has surpassed previous monthly records in various key metrics, including ore extraction, processing, tungsten concentrate production, and sales volume.

In March, the Dolphin mine extracted a record-breaking 49,609 tonnes (t) of ore, boasting an average tungsten oxide (WO3) grade of 0.48 per cent. Additionally, the operation excavated 98,521 bank cubic meters of waste material during the same period.

The mine achieved a record monthly throughput of 43t per hour, with a plant utilization rate of 77 per cent, resulting in the processing of 24,515 dry metric tonnes. This marked a significant 44 per cent increase in throughput compared to February.

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Furthermore, the operation produced approximately 97 dry tonnes of tungsten concentrate, boasting an average grade of 60 per cent WO3. Of this, 93 dry tonnes were shipped, with a slightly lower grade of 59 per cent WO3.

Moreover, Group 6 Metals achieved a production of 5678 metric ton units in March, reflecting a notable 23 per cent increase from February. This impressive production volume translated into record sales of 6335 metric ton units, representing an impressive 83 per cent increase compared to February.

Keith McKnight, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Group 6 Metals, expressed his satisfaction with the outstanding performance, stating, “March results have seen significant improvements across all facets of the operation, and a number of operational records have been broken. These improved results have been the result of a lot of hard work by our employees and contractors. The team is focused on maintaining the mining team’s momentum and improving the throughput and recoveries from the plant. I am looking forward to mining and processing the higher-grade ores, which will improve recoveries and, subsequently, the tungsten concentrate produced and sold.”

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