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Kuniko focused on delivering its metals using a zero-carbon process in Europe

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Kuniko is pioneering the exploration of zero-carbon, ethically sourced, sustainable battery metals to meet the rapidly growing market demand.

Kuniko Limited is an Australian listed company that is leading the charge in the exploration of sustainable battery minerals, with a portfolio of cobalt, copper, and nickel projects in Norway while also strategically expanding its interests in Canada and Scandinavia.

Commitment to green energy in Europe

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Europe’s roadmap towards carbon neutrality by 2050 involves producing the world’s greenest batteries and achieving resource efficiency and self-reliance.

In line with this and fuelled by a vision for electromobility, Kuniko is firmly committed to sourcing low-carbon, ethical, and sustainable battery metals.

Through localising battery raw material sources, Kuniko seeks to shorten the supply chain and reduce the overall carbon footprint to provide sustainable energy solutions for Europe.

Kuniko is proud to achieve its carbon-neutral service certification and continues to minimise emissions through further accredited offset schemes, leveraging hydropower and exploring electrification options.

Groundbreaking strategic Stellantis alliance

The company’s dynamic alliance with leading global automaker Stellantis is propelling the transition to cleaner energy and revolutionising the battery supply chain.

Stellantis recently invested €5m in Kuniko, acquiring a 19.99% shareholding and securing 35% future production of nickel and cobalt sulphate from Kuniko’s Norwegian projects.

Battery metals exploration successes

Kuniko’s Skuterud project in Norway reveals significant cobalt potential with high-grade discoveries near the surface and exciting possibilities for further exploration.

Maiden drilling at the Ertelien Nickel Project, a brownfield nickel-copper mine site, yielded high-grade nickel and copper Intercepts, with further second-phase drilling planned.

Kuniko’s exploration licenses in the area extend to include a corridor of historic mines and workings with further promising targets identified.

In Norway’s Trøndelag region, within brownfield copper-zinc mines and prospective belts that have historically hosted large-scale mining activities, Kuniko’s projects offer significant upside exploration potential.

Kuniko’s recent exploration successes further demonstrate its commitment and establish itself as a pivotal force in the green energy supply chain, well poised to meet the market demand for domestically sourced, ethically produced, sustainable battery metals.


Source: Innovation News Network

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