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Exxon-OMV completed Black sea Romania gas exploration project

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US oil company ExxonMobil and Romanian oil & gas group OMV Petrom have completed the exploration work in the Neptun Deep perimeter located in Romania’s Black Sea section.

Based on the exploration’s results, the two companies will make plans for developing the offshore gas deposits in the area. They will also conclude economic viability studies.

ExxonMobil has drilled seven consecutive wells since July 2014.  The drilling program includes a test probe carried out in the Domino perimeter.

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ExxonMobil and OMV Petrom each hold 50% of the Neptun deep-water block, which is operated by the US company.

In February 2012, the two companies announced they made a discovery of 42-84 billion of cubic meters of hydrocarbons after drilling the Domino-1 well.

source; profit.ro

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