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Euro Sun Received approval for SEA at Rovina Valley, Romania

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Euro Sun Mining Inc. announced that the company has been officially notified by the Environmental Protection Agency of Hunedoara County that following a meeting of the Special Committee set up at Hunedoara County level, on 27.04.2021; the required eighteen-day public comment period on the initiation of the Strategic Environmental Assessment has passed; no comments were received; and the SEA is approved to move forward. The Company published the notification in the public press on May 10th, 2021.

The Company and the EPA are now working towards receiving the agreements and opinions from all the administrative authorities required for approval of the Planul Urbanistic Zonal or Certificate of Urbanism for Land forming part of the SEA process. The Company and the EPA are also preparing for public consultations which are expected to occur in Q3 2021.

Scott Moore, Euro Sun’s CEO states, “All aspects of ESG principles are key to success of the Rovina Valley Project. This approval is an important milestone in the SEA process. We believe that our frequent public communications and presence in the local community has played an important role. Environmental stewardship is a key factor to the success of Rovina Valley Project with a life of mine design from extraction to rehabilitation with minimal impact utilizing the highest global standards for mining processing, tailings management with DRY-Stacking and utilizing Zero Cyanide. We are pleased the EPA is continuing to advance the project in line with Romanian legislation and we look forward to a collaborative effort on the successful outcome of the SEA process.”

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