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Euro Sun Mining Provides Corporate Updates on Rovina Valley Project

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Euro Sun Mining Inc. has released a corporate update on the Rovina Valley Project’s licensing requirements. The company’s Certificate of Urbanization was renewed on July 21st, 2023 for another two years, commencing in July 2023. The issuing of this renewal certificate is a major milestone in the documentation process that results in a Land Rezoning Plan, following which the Environmental Impact Assessment will be filed.

The RVP, Europe’s second-largest copper and gold deposit, is where Euro Sun’s long-term investment is making headway in providing the vital metals required for the continent’s energy revolution.

The RVP will significantly ease economic pressure on Romania’s Hunedoara County, a location with a long history of mining, and is intended to have one of the least negative environmental effects on the planet due to its lack of cyanide usage and wet tailings generation.

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The awarding of the renewal of our Certificate of Urbanization secures the mineral tenure and allows Euro Sun Mining to begin the formal procedure for the Land Rezoning Plan which will be followed by the Environmental Impact Assessment; both of which are currently in progress. Grant Sboros, Chief Executive Officer, Euro Sun Mining Inc.

Sboros added, “We had anticipated a longer renewal process for the Certificate of Urbanization, but through the hard work of our team and guidance and scheduling assistance from the authorities, we were able to expedite this renewal with full support of the Romanian authorities. We are delighted by the documentary progress made, representing another step forward in delivering this exceptional European project. My thanks again to our shareholders, senior leadership team and the people of the local affected communities and stakeholders for their ongoing support as we progress in delivering the Rovina Valley Project.


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