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Eastern Mining Company step closer to Exploitation Permit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Eastern Mining is exploration and development company owned by British company Adriatic Metals. The company is step closer to receiving the Exploitation Permit, as The Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism has given a positive Record of Decision for an Environmental permit. The Permit has been awarded following the submission of an Environmental Impact Assessment, which Eastern Mining prepared in accordance with legal provisions, a review by a five-member expert committee and a public hearing.

Along with the environmental permit for the Veovaca mine, plant and tailings facility, Eastern Mining has also received a Preliminary Water Permit and Environmental Permit for the demolition of the historic Veovaca Plant site, and Preliminary Water Permits covering the Veovaca Mine, Plant and Tailings Storage Facility, including an accumulation pond for excess water capture.

“The receipt of the Environmental Permit is a major step forward in the permitting of the Vareš Project, and despite all the challenges being presented to the government in the current COVID-19 crisis, demonstrates the Bosnian Government’s willingness to advance the project as quickly as possible. We continue to appreciate the consultative and cooperative approach of the various branches of government in Bosnia and look forward to the continual advancement of the Vareš Project”, underlined Miloš Bošnjaković, general director of Eastern Mining.

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The next step for Eastern Mining will be to submit an application for an Urban Planning Permit to the Federal Ministry for Spatial Planning. This application requires approvals from nine different utility and community service companies to be submitted. These approvals have been obtained. Upon receiving the Urban Planning Permit, the application for Exploitation will be made to the Federal Ministry for Energy, Mining & Industry. As part of the approval procedure, the Ministry will hold a public hearing in Vareš, where members of the public can comment on the application, and if necessary, the Company is given an opportunity to respond.

Eastern Mining d.o.o. is a Bosnian-Herzegovinian exploration and development company, owned by British company Adriatic Metals. The primary goal of the company is focused on the exploration and exploitation of ore in Vareš county. The focus of activities in 2020 will be on further geological research in the current concession area as well as the wider regional area, with the aim of increasing the confirmed ore reserves and extending the life expectancy of the new mine. According to the current plan, the opening of the mine and the beginning of production is planned for 2022.

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