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Dundee Precious Metals Announces Additional Drill Results from Coka Rakita in Serbia

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Dundee Precious Metals Inc. reported new assay results from its ongoing drilling program at the Coka Rakita prospect in eastern Serbia, which extended the deposit by 100 metres to the south and further extended and confirmed the core high-grade zone. Additionally, the Company is providing an update on its aggressive scout drilling program on the Coka Rakita licence.

New significant intercepts from the current phase of drilling include: RIDD011A – 7 metres at 16.56 g/t Au and 0.16% Cu from 403 metres depth and 42 metres at 6.51 g/t Au and 0.,13% Cu from 418 metres depth (including 12 metres at 17.89 g/t Au and0.17% Cu from 422 metres depth); RIDD014 – 16 metres at 1.93 g/t Au from 538 metres depth and 23 metres at 8.47 g/t Au from 587 metres depth (including 8 metres at 16.15 g/t Au from same depth); RIDD016 – 35 metres at 5.26 g/t Au and 0.’26% Cu from 398 metres depth and 26 metres at 1.05 g/t Au and 0;48% Cu from 439 metres depth; RIDD018 – 29 metres at 5.15 g/t Au and 0 the14% Cu from 428 metres depth (including 10 metres at 11.88 g/t Au and 0″.13% Cu from 441 metres depth) and 33 metres at 2.61 g/t Au and 0.45% Cu from 463 metres depth; RIDD020 – 34 metres at 9.55 g/t Au from 482 metres depth; RIDD026 – 5 metres at 31.93 g/t Au From 386 metres depth; RADD039 – 5 metres at 1.64 g/t Au and 0).

34 metres at 7.37 g/t Au and 0.; 0.28% Cu from 586 metres depth (including 5 metres at 25.35 g/t Au and 0,38% Cu from 604 metres depth); Deposit extended to the south: Four holes (RIDD014A, RIDD025 and RIDD026) extended the previously known extents of mineralization by approximately 100 metres to the south where the system remains locally open.

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Results confirm and extend high-grade core of mineralization: Holes RIDD018 and RIDD020 reported wide mineralized sandstone-hosted intervals and also extended the limits of high-grade mineralization by approximately 60 metres to the west and to the south from the hole RIDD008 (which included the previously released intercept of 71 metres at 18.05 g/t Au from 445 metres depth)1 and confirmed the overall thickness of the target of over 100 metres within the core of the system Scout drilling outlined further extension potential of the deposit with multiple targets currently being tested: Drilling intercepted favourable geological indicators on the north-west flank of the system, about 600 metres to the north-east of the current limit of the deposit, as well as 500 metres south of the main Coka Rakita target, which indicate further extension potential.


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