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AzerGold can become biggest mining company in region

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In 2020, AzerGold CJSC, despite the difficulties aroused by the coronavirus pandemic, completely fulfilled the activity plan for 2020. Thanks to the export of gold and silver produced by AzerGold to the global market, the country’s economy received funds worth 186.5 million manat ($109,7 million).

One of the significant steps in the activities of Azerbaijan’s AzerGold OJSC in 2020 was the approval by the company of the corporate strategy for 2025 (medium-term) and 2035 (long-term) in order to ensure sustainable development of the non-ferrous metal ore mining sector, Chairman of the Board of AzerGold CJSC, Zakir Ibrahimov said, Trend reports. Ibrahimov made the remark at an event dedicated to the results of 2020 and the upcoming tasks. In order to ensure sustainable development of the non-ferrous metal ore mining sector in the country, by order of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Economy dated September 14, 2020, a document of the corporate strategy of the AzerGold CJSC was approved, the chairman noted. One of the main goals of the company within the implementation of projects defined by the strategy is the transformation of the AzerGold CJSC into a large mining company of a regional scale with an annual turnover of $1 billion until 2035, he said. Ibrahimov noted that an important task of AzerGold until 2035 is positioning itself among the largest companies in the region in the mining industry as one of the companies in the non-oil industry.

Source: menafn.com

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