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Azerbaijan’s AzerGold and Turkey’s Eti Bakir discussed mining cooperation

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Eti Bakir is subsidiary of Turkey’s energy company Cengiz Holding that holds a leading position in the copper and metallurgical industry of Turkey and the region.

Azerbaijan’s gold mining company AzerGold CJSC and Turkey’s Eti Bakir company have discussed cooperation in the mining sector between the two countries, AzerGold CJSC has reported.

During the meeting held on March 12, AzerGold’s Chairman Zakir Ibrahimov noted that Azerbaijan’s liberated Karabakh region has great economic potential as well as resources that open up great opportunities for bilateral cooperation in the mining sector. He noted that AzerGold, as a state company is always ready to cooperate with Turkey in this sphere.

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He further said that AzerGold plans to commission six more gold deposits, including the sulfide phase of the Chovdar gold deposit, as well as one polymetallic and four copper ores in 2021-2027.

Eti Bakir’s Chairman Sheref Chengiz, reminded the agreement signed between the Azerbaijani government and Eti Bakir back in February 2021 in Ankara as part of the Turkish-Azerbaijani business forum. He stressed that the agreement will make an important contribution to the partnership in the mining sector.

Furthermore, the sides discussed the study of the latest technologies used in the mining sector and in geological exploration.

Source: azernews.az


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