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Albania: Mining Action Plan – 5% annual growth of the sector and new research on chromium, copper and gold

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In Albania, a new three-year action program for the mining sector is set to become effective from 2019 to 2021, projecting a 5% annual growth in production.

The decision of the Council of Ministers, which directs the development of the mining sector in this period, was published in the Official Journal, and in addition to increasing production, it requires rational use of mineral reserves and good management of national mineral resources.

The program foresees the opening of tenders for the exploitation of licenses in 76 mining areas. Meanwhile, the three-year program also envisages the development of exploration activities in 132 mining areas, mainly for chromium ore, but also for copper and gold.

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Planning for new chromium exploration is a positive development, given that there has been no new exploration of this mineral for over seven years.

According to the plan, the development of mining activities in the next three years will be focused on the extraction of limestone, ornamental stone and marble limestone.

The Government’s program requires the development of mining activities with the use of modern technologies and the prevention of environmental hazards and harmful emissions, the protection of life and human health and minimal impact on the environment and the landscape.

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