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Additional Zijin investment of 408 million dollars in mines in Serbia

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This year, as it was emphasized by Zijin will be “a year of opportunities and challenges in which, with the planned investments of about 408 million dollars, 74,010 tons of copper in concentrate should be produced, ie 38.91 percent more than last year.”

The company Zijin plans to invest 408 million dollars in production and started projects in Bor and Majdenapek during 2021, the company announced.

That means that the company will realize more than 1.1 billion dollars of investments in just three years, it is stated in the announcement. It is added that during the two-and-a-half-year strategic partnership with Serbia, 700 million dollars were invested, which is twice as much as the price at which the company recapitalized the mining and metallurgical plant in December 2018.

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The company reminds that with the Strategic Partnership Agreement at the end of 2018, Zijin undertook to invest 1.26 billion dollars in the next six years in improving production, increasing efficiency, opening new mines, but also significantly increasing productivity.

“In the technical renovation and expansion of four mines and smelters in Bor, as well as in numerous safety and environmental protection projects, 360 million dollars were invested last year alone,” the statement reads.

It is added that this year, it is planned to invest about fifty million dollars more in the continuation of the started projects and production than in 2020.

“The goal is to produce 83,450 tons of cathode copper, which is 18 percent more than in 2020, about two and a half tons of gold and about 10 tons of silver, which is a year-on-year increase of 45.14 percent on gold and 10.12 percent on silver,” it is stated in the announcement.

The plan is for the number of injuries at work this year to be 30 percent lower than in 2020, for the realization of the training and education plan for employees to be 100%, as well as to continue the “green mines” project, ie to green an additional 250,000 square meters of degraded mining area.

The company invested 53.5 million dollars in environmental and work environment protection in 2020, the statement said, adding that “effective measures have been taken to dispose of solid and liquid waste, as well as to combat dust and flue gases.”

Priority has been given to the construction of a desulphurisation system and secondary chimneys, together with a new converter and a new anode furnace, and this comprehensive reconstruction should be completed by October this year.

The reconstruction includes the construction of a wastewater treatment system from “Jama”, for which preparatory work has begun, and the implementation of the wastewater treatment project from Lake “Robule”, as well as accompanying activities in the field of safety and environmental protection, according to companies.

Source: rs.n1info.com


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