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Unveiling the Middle East’s potential in the electric vehicle revolution: Overcoming challenges, seizing opportunities

Despite skepticism and regional challenges, Lars Carlstrom, founder of the serial gigafactory, sees untapped potential and strategic advantages in the UAE and Middle East....

UAE and Kenya forge partnership to enhance investments in mining and technology

The UAE and Kenya have formed a strategic partnership to bolster investments in the mining and technology sectors, signaling a move by the Emirates...

Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) to finalize bauxite residue pilot plant in Abu Dhabi

Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) has announced the anticipated completion of its bauxite residue pilot plant in Al Taweelah, Abu Dhabi, later this year. The plant,...

Statevolt announces $3.2 billion investment in state-of-the-art battery gigafactory in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Statevolt, a leader in energy storage solutions, has unveiled plans to establish a cutting-edge battery cell Gigafactory in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, known as...

United Arab Emirates increases efforts to secure African mineral resources

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is intensifying its efforts to secure African mineral resources, competing with China, Saudi Arabia, and other players for lucrative...

Calls to prevent mineral mining in Portugal

Mineral exploration in the country is being opposed by residents, councils and environmental groups.   A company based in the United Arab Emirates, Exchange Minerals Ltd,...
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