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Unlocking renewable energy potential: The role of renewable hydrogen in storage and decarbonization

Renewable electricity can be effectively stored by converting it into renewable hydrogen or ammonia through the process of electrolysis. These fuels can be utilized...

Electric vehicles, mining and critical minerals in the midst of controversy in Australia

Australia finds itself at the center of a storm as political tensions and technological debates unfold around electric vehicles (EVs), mining practices, and the...

Kazakhstan and EU forge ahead in critical raw materials, green hydrogen and battery collaboration

A gathering on March 5th hosted by the Kazakh Embassy in Belgium drew around 60 high-ranking officials from the European Union and representatives of...

The confluence of ESG, IR, and PR in heavy industry

Australian mining companies are active across the globe, including in the European Union (EU), drawn by the region's stable regulatory environment, strategic markets, and...

The EU’s pursuit of african renewable hydrogen and the complexities of green colonialism

In the race against time to achieve net-zero targets, the European Union (EU) is exploring the potential of African sunlight and wind to generate...
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