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Tag: rare minerals


Responsible extraction of energy transition minerals for sustainable renewable energy expansion

To shift away from fossil fuels and embrace renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar plants, the world must increase the extraction of...

Energy Transition Minerals Provides an Update on the Developments with the Kvanefjeld Rare Earth Project in Greenland

Energy Transition Minerals Ltd. provided an update on the developments with the Kvanefjeld rare earth project (‘the project') in Greenland. Exploration licence renewal and...

Europe, Problems with minerals

Mark Mills, speaking at a recent conference held by Norwegian funds management group, SKAGEN Funds, said that expecting the global EV transition from ICE...

Greenland, Amaroq Minerals says Kobberminebugt’s high-grade nature is ‘unsurprising’

Amaroq Minerals Ltd told investors that results from its 2022 Kobberminebugt project exploration programme in Greenland indicate significant copper mineralization to the western end...

Serbia is an important source of rare minerals

Today, mining is an important factor in economic activity and growth in Serbia, and at the beginning of this year, this branch of industry...
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