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Resurgence in european mining: Meeting the demand for green technologies

Europe is facing a pivotal moment in its quest for sustainable resource independence. The Financial Times reported on Tuesday that after a hiatus of...

Verde Magnesium’s mission to elevate Romania in EU’s metallic magnesium landscape

Verde Magnesium's investment plan in Romania marks a significant stride towards reducing the European Union's dependence on imported magnesium, particularly from China. By reactivating...

Europe’s return to magnesium mining: Ensuring supply and sustainability

The resumption of magnesium mining in Europe, particularly in Romania, marks a significant shift in the global minerals landscape. With China currently dominating magnesium...

Forging a Path: Europe’s Groundbreaking Venture into Sustainable Magnesium Production

MFE Magnesium For Europe GmbH was founded in 2021 to establish a clean, green and competitive magnesium production in Kupres, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Europe. Magnesium (Mg) metal...

Latrobe Magnesium to send all initial product to high-value US market

Latrobe Magnesium has made a strategic decision to supply all of the product from its demonstration and commercial plants to a hungry US market. The...

Magnesium project among recipients of Australian Government grants

The Australian Government recently announced grants to a total of AUD50M (US$33M) specifically aimed at accelerating the development of projects related to critical materials. Thirteen...
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