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Tag: lithium ion batteries


Empowering renewable energy: Harnessing the potential of renewable hydrogen for storage and decarbonization

Batteries play a crucial role in providing short-term flexibility to the energy system, offering advantages such as geographical and sizing flexibility. Unlike some other...

Unlocking lithium’s secret: Shale’s surprising reservoir revealed

The discovery of abundant lithium in pyrite minerals within shale, as highlighted by the research led by Shailee Bhattacharya and her team at West...

Navigating opportunities and challenges: Trends in the battery industry, Germany

The battery industry is advancing steadily, driven by the increasing electrification of vehicles and the expansion of renewable energy sources. This growth in global...

Hunan Shengrong Technology secures substantial funding in angel investment round for cutting-edge lithium battery materials

Hunan Shengrong Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully concluded an angel investment round, raising tens of millions of yuan. Cowin Capital, the exclusive investor for...
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