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Icelandic gold potential

Björk Sigurbjörnsdóttir, CEO of Iceland Resources ehf., says there is definitely gold in Icelandic ground; “The question is whether a sufficient amount of it...

Iceland interested in mining projects in Greenland

Greenland has long been a favourite target of international mining companies, as the island is rich in numerous minerals. Supporters of these projects have...

“Eco-Friendly” gold production planned in Iceland

“Our emphasis will be on making the most eco-friendly and socially responsible gold in the world,” St-Georges CEO Vilhjálmur Þór Vilhjálmsson stated in an...

St-Georges Eco-Mining acquired Melmi EHF and all mineral licenses in Iceland

The transformative acquisition of Melmi EHF, the Icelandic corporation that owned the majority interest in the Thor Gold Project was done by St-Georges Eco-Mining...
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