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Tag: green energy transition


Renewable energy boom spurs demand for copper and critical minerals: Emphasizing responsible mining

The global push towards renewable energy is set to significantly increase demand for critical minerals and metals such as lithium, copper, manganese and rare...

German industry leader sounds alarm on Europe’s raw materials risk amid declining mining sector

Europe is at significant risk of losing essential raw materials due to its trend of phasing out mining instead of investing in new mining...

Strategic solutions: EU’s Critical Raw Materials Act and sustainable tech transition

The transition towards climate sustainability is inherently linked to a transition in materials usage. While past international focus was primarily on oil, gas and...

Lithium: Essential for Europe’s clean energy goals

Lithium holds a pivotal position among the 34 critical raw materials listed by the EU under the Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA). As the...

Embracing the green energy shift: Unleashing the potential of essential raw materials and metals

As the world navigates the complexities of transitioning to green energy, it's evident that challenges abound for producers, consumers, and users of critical raw...
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