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Europe’s steel sector anticipates hydrogen integration by 2026-2027

Axel Eggert, CEO of the European Steel Association (EUROFER), highlighted Europe's steel industry's need for 5 million tons of hydrogen annually to transition to...

Grangex’s ambitious plans for Sydvaranger mine

During a recent visit to Kirkenes, the northern Norwegian border town, Lindquist emphasized the crucial role of a unique ore in driving the green...

Grangex CEO tackles security issues in ambitious Sydvaranger mine revival plans

Christer Lindquist, CEO of Grangex, acknowledges that the security situation in the Norwegian-Russian border area might deter investors. Lindquist emphasized the uniqueness of the...

Grangex’s bold vision for Europe’s third-largest mine faces geopolitical considerations in the north

This ore possesses unique significance for advancing the green transition in the European steel industry," emphasized Lindquist during a recent visit to Kirkenes, the...
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