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Eurometaux President calls for urgent action on Critical Raw Materials Act to strengthen Europe’s metal resilience

Evangelos Mytilineos, President of Eurometaux, stresses the urgency of implementing the Critical Raw Materials Act to ensure Europe's ability to navigate the energy and...

Trilateral gathering of economy ministers: Enhancing Europe’s competitiveness and raw material supply at the forefront

France, Italy, and Germany's economy ministers convened for a trilateral meeting in Meudon near Paris, expressing their commitment to bolstering Europe's competitiveness and strategic...

Serbia and EU forge strategic partnership on critical raw materials and electric vehicles

In September, Serbia and the European Commission entered into a Letter of Intent aimed at establishing a strategic partnership in critical raw materials and...

Exploring Kazakhstan’s role in rare metals: Key takeaways from EU conference

Kazakhstan's Vice Minister of Industry and Construction, Olzhas Saparbekov, highlighted Kazakhstan's potential in rare metals development during a conference on critical raw materials and...

Analysis of the European Critical Raw Materials Act

Economist Professor Simon Glöser-Chahoud from TU Bergakademie Freiberg offers a comprehensive analysis of the recently endorsed Critical Raw Materials Act by the Council of...
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