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Tag: EU green transition


Unraveling China’s secretive mineral resource strategy: Impact on EU policy

In the midst of the EU's efforts to reduce reliance on China for critical mineral supplies, China's opacity regarding long-term plans for its mineral...

Challenges on the road to green growth: The European Union’s uphill battle

The European Union's ambitious plans for green growth have encountered numerous hurdles along the way, reflecting broader political and ideological conflicts. Despite widespread acknowledgment...

European green transition set to launch on London’s junior market for green investments

European Green Transition (EGT), an investment firm specializing in critical metals mining and renewable energy, intends to debut on London's junior market, AIM. The...

Exploring mining projects and ownership in Serbia

Analyzing mining projects in Serbia, particularly focusing on their owners, risks, potentials, and sourcing options for the EU industry, requires understanding the broader context...
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