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Unlocking rare earth resources: Global efforts to diversify supply chains and diminish China’s dominance

The article highlights the current global dependence on China for the supply of rare earth elements (REEs), crucial for various high-tech applications and especially...

A comparative assessment of lithium projects, exploring potentials and challenges in Serbia and Portugal

Analyzing Portuguese and Serbian lithium projects highlights the emerging importance of Europe in the global lithium supply chain, essential for electric vehicle batteries and...

Altilium and Nissan team Up for pioneering project to boost sustainability of electric vehicle batteries in the UK

Altilium, a UK-based clean technology group dedicated to facilitating the shift to net-zero emissions, has unveiled details of a groundbreaking collaboration with Nissan. The...

Ghana’s $450M joint venture manganese refinery project: A green milestone in EV battery supply chain

The Ghanaian government has revealed its proposal for a joint venture manganese refinery project valued at US$450 million. This collaborative effort involves the Ghana...

European strategy to address the challenges posed by China’s dominance in cleantech industries

“The tsunami of Chinese electric vehicles is coming and Europe is sleepwalking towards the abyss.” Not devoid of drama, this is the prelude in...
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