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Tag: clean energy


Charting mineral demand amidst the clean energy revolution: Tackling uncertainty and sustainability

The shift towards clean energy technologies, ranging from wind turbines to electric vehicles, is driving significant demand for a diverse array of minerals and...

Lithium: Essential for Europe’s clean energy goals

Lithium holds a pivotal position among the 34 critical raw materials listed by the EU under the Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA). As the...

Transforming raw material supply chains for the clean energy era: Challenges and solutions

As the world transitions to clean energy technologies, supply chains are undergoing a transformation, pivoting away from fossil fuels towards non-fossil minerals. From lithium...

Scandium: Empowering clean energy with lightweight solutions

Despite its minuscule presence in the Earth’s crust, scandium holds immense potential to revolutionize the clean energy landscape. Its remarkable properties, such as enhancing...
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