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Tag: carbon neutrality


Energy storage: Enabling clean alternatives and job creation in coal-dependent regions

Energy storage is particularly relevant to carbon-intensive and coal regions, as it provides a cleaner alternative to hard-to-abate industries and traditional fossil-fuel-powered thermal plants...

BHP Group ventures into microbial solutions for sustainable steelmaking

In a groundbreaking initiative, mining giant BHP Group is teaming up with Boston startup Allonnia to investigate the potential of harnessing microorganisms to clean...

Deciphering the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

The introduction of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) by the European Union aims to catalyze global decarbonization efforts. This regulation, though EU-based, will...

Outokump’s Kemi chrome mine in Finland targeting carbon neutrality by 2025

Outokumpu says it has established a roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality at its Kemi underground chrome mine in Finland by 2025. The roadmap includes...
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