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“The triumph of law and citizens” – there will be no mine in Mojkovac

The Montenegrin government terminated the contract with the Brskovo Mine company after a year-long struggle by citizens and despite foreign pressures. On May 30, the...

Montenegro pressures Swiss company to address zinc mine project concerns

It appears that the Montenegrin government has issued an ultimatum to Tara Resources, a Swiss company, regarding the Brskovo Zinc Mine project in Mojkovac....

Montenegro holds off on Tara Resources concession decision amid legal scrutiny and citizen backlash

The decision to terminate the concession agreement with the Swiss company Tara Resources, which was supposed to open the Brskovo mine in Mojkovac, will be delayed, according...

Tara Resources disputes a governmental ruling in Montenegro, putting forth arguments supported by evidence

The arguments proposed by the working group for terminating the concession agreement that the state has with the company Brskovo Mine are factually inaccurate, do not...

The start of operation of the Brskovo mine is important for the Montenegro

The start of operation of the Brskovo mine is important not only for the local community, but also for the entire country, which is...
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