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Rio Sava Exploration Ltd.: Spatial plan for yadarite exploitation and processing in Serbia

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The spatial plan has been prepared in accordance with studies and documentation obtained from Rio Sava Exploration Ltd. Belgrade, the current holder of the permit for geological exploration of boron and lithium at the Jadar deposit.

This document is the planning basis for the development of mines, industrial facilities and necessary infrastructure, as well as for the protection, use and landscaping of special purpose areas “Jadar”.

Rio Sava operates within the Rio Tinto Global Mining Corporation and they found the mineral yadarite (sodium lithium borosilicate) in the Jadar River basin.

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The area of ​​the spatial plan is 293.9 square kilometers in the territory of Loznica and Krupanj municipalities. There are four or more protected areas in this area, the most important being Tršić-Tronoša.

The Jadarite deposit itself is located in a river valley on agricultural land, and the mineral is at a depth of 100 to 720 meters.

According to this document, the area of ​​mining activities will be spread over 854.8 hectares, the zone of production and industrial activities will be on the surface of 646.5 hectares, while the area of ​​358.5 hectares will be used for landfilling of industrial waste, construction of access roads and supporting infrastructure.

For the development of the Jadar project, land and real estate purchase and relocation of households from the scope of the special purpose complex are foreseen.

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