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Keep Pushing to Unlock Europe’s Battery Potential

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Today, stakeholders from the battery, materials, energy and mobility sectors urge the European Commission to champion continued investment in battery research and innovation under the BATT4EU Partnership, fortifying Europe’s global leadership in battery technologies and contributing significantly to our green transition.

Maintaining (or even expanding) the current battery R&I budget of €925 million under the Partnership is crucial to position Europe as a global leader in the battery industry. This investment, spanning the entire battery value chain, is vital for developing key technologies essential for mobile and stationary applications, contributing significantly to the ongoing energy transition.

The recently announced Innovation Fund initiative supporting battery cell manufacturing is positive but should not come at the expense of reducing the BATT4EU partnership budget. Diminishing funding jeopardizes European industrial competitiveness and hinders our ability to achieve the ambitious objectives outlined in the European Green Deal.

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Continued investment in battery R&I under Horizon Europe will:

1. Safeguard European Competitiveness: Preserve Europe’s competitive edge by nurturing cutting-edge technologies, fostering innovation, and developing a highly skilled workforce.

2. Expand Demand and Diverse Solutions: Respond to the expanding demand for batteries across various industries, aligning with the objectives of the REPowerEU agenda and the decarbonization of transport.

3. Deliver on Targets: Fulfill the goals of the Batteries Regulation and Critical Raw Materials Act, ensuring a secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials through strategic R&I investment.


Source: BEPA


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